The 60″ Vivo Electric Desk Review: Cheap But Functional

You want a standing desk, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. Hey, I get it. And if you’ve looked around, you’ve probably come across the Vivo height adjustable standing desk. So why is it half the price of some other standing desks?

Vivo decided to get into the standing desk game after they noticed this gap between price and quality. Usually, you can only get 1, not both, but they still decided to give it a try. In this Vivo electric desk review, we’ll look at whether or not this standing desk was successful in doing so.

It won’t compete with a nearly thousand-dollar desk, but it can still hold its own and does stand out just above its lower-priced competition. We’ll compare them below so you can see just how they do that.

If you want to know more about this Vivo electric desk, read on. You can skip ahead to the section that matters most to you by using the table of contents below.

Vivo Standing Desk Review: Standing on a Budget

What You Need to Know

The Vivo brand was founded in 2012 as a more affordable solution to high-priced office furniture. The Vivo standing desks are manufactured in China, but they also have a location in the United States, so customer service and tech support are much better than some of their competitors.

The Vivo Electric Standing Desk can be purchased as one unit, or you can buy the desk frame separately if you want to add your own top.

How It Performs

The Vivo Electric Standing Desk does function well as both a sitting and standing desk. The push-button controls have 3 memory presets so you can quickly find the standing height adjustment that’s right for you.

It also features a timer so you can control how long you’re sitting or standing. This is a helpful reminder so you don’t sit longer than you intended, even as you lose track of the time.

This height-adjustable standing desk raises about 1 inch per second, and it’s relatively quiet. You will hear it, but it won’t distract you or those around you. It will take about 30 seconds for the entire desk to go from its lowest to highest settings.

The Key Features


Considering the Vivo standing desk is less than half the price of the Vari standing desk, it’s a great value for anyone who wants a standing desk without hurting their wallet. You don’t get all the benefits of more expensive desks, but it’s a solid desk for the price.

Standing desks can be expensive, and while they are an investment, some people can’t afford to shell out that much money for one. This is where the Vivo sit-stand desk shines, by offering a decent standing desk at a reasonable price.

vivo standing desk review

Other Sizes Available

If you want slightly more space, there is a 63×32 option, which features curved outer edges, to give you more room without pushing you too far away from your monitor.

If that’s too big for your space, they also have a smaller 43×24 model, which is better suited for a single monitor or laptop. It would be a tight squeeze to try to get dual monitors on a desk this size, but if space is your biggest concern, this is still a good option.

If it’s desk space you want, try the 71-inch model, which comes in either a 30-inch depth or a 36-inch depth. That’s about 6 feet wide by 3 feet deep! You can easily hold all of your work papers, your computer accessories, and a few snacks with room to spare.

Room for Multiple Monitors

The Vivo desk is perfect for dual monitor and laptop setups due to the wide and deep surface area. Although it’s marked as 60×24, the actual width of the top is only 59 inches. This isn’t a huge deal for most people, but it’s important to note that you don’t get a true 5 feet.

The depth is slightly less than 2 feet, as well, but it’s still quite roomy. Although there is no keyboard tray, there’s enough space on top to hold a keyboard and mouse, along with your monitors. This desk makes a great standing workstation.

Because of the large amount of desk space, this makes a great gaming desk. You have plenty of room for monitors, your keyboard, and a mouse. If you are into gaming, we look at some of the best gaming chairs here.

You might consider using monitor arms if you plan to mount multiple monitors. Vivo sells a dual monitor mount separately if you plan to use dual monitors. This mount will work with the Vivo electric desk and help secure the monitors to the desk as it raises and lowers. For more double monitor computer desks, click here.

multiple monitor setup

Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This Vivo desk does have a height adjustment range of 29 inches up to 48.7 inches. It takes less than a minute to span the entire height range. The quiet single motor features buttons and preset heights, making lifting and lowering it in one smooth motion a breeze.

One thing to note is that with the thickness of the desktop, it actually sits closer to 30 inches high at its lowest setting. So if you want to use this for sitting, it may be a touch too high for you without a footrest below.

However, there are some great under-desk treadmill options if you want to stand a bit higher while also getting a little workout in. There’s nothing like multi-tasking for your health! And if you’re in the market for a standing desk, you’re probably concerned with maintaining good health, anyway.

Smooth Solid Surface

The top of the desk is made of particle board with an all-steel desk frame. Unlike some other standing desks at the same price point, like the Fezibo and SHW standing desks, this is one solid piece.

Other standing desks use 2 boards to create one large surface, so it’s not as seamless and smooth. Not only does 1 solid piece look better, but it also functions better because there are no uneven parts to get in the way or snag small items.

This desk has a weight limit of up to 154 pounds, and this is more than enough for most people. However, the motor will work a bit harder the more you max out the weight limit, so pay attention to how much you’re loading onto it.

vivo electric desk review

Choose Your Color

You can choose from either a black desk frame or a white desk frame. Regardless of which frame you pick, you can still choose from the same variety of colors for the top of the desk. Pick from black, dark walnut, espresso, light wood, vintage brown, or white.

With all the options, you can easily find something that matches the decor of your space. It may not be the most important thing, but it still matters to have a space that’s visually appealing, as well as functional.

Good Customer Service

Vivo offers a three-year warranty with this standing desk, which is more than its standing desk competitors. They also provide excellent customer service, so if there’s a problem, they aren’t hard to get a hold of to make things right.

This is a nice peace of mind because even though it’s cheaper than some of the more popular standing desks, it’s still a decent amount of money. And you’ll want to make sure you’re investing wisely in case anything goes wrong.

customer service

Worst Parts

Seated Height

As we mentioned before, the height range doesn’t go low enough for some people. The actual working height at its lowest point when you factor in the desktop thickness is 30 inches. That’s a little more than advertised, and it could be slightly too high for you if you’re on the shorter end.

In order to sit properly at this height and have your feet touch the ground, you may need to use a box or footrest to prop them up.

Wide Legs

The desk legs on the frame actually sit deeper than the table top, which isn’t a problem if you’re not using it near a wall. But if you are, you will notice a gap between the table and the wall.

A slight gap is ideal so you don’t scratch the wall as you raise and lower the desk. However, if you have small items, they may fall behind the desk.

Wobble Wobble

You will notice a bit of wobble with this desk, especially if you have the frame loaded out on its max setting. It’s actually not too bad for the price, but it’s always worth mentioning that you will notice some slight shaking.

This will be even more noticeable in the larger models and with multiple monitors. If you don’t max it out, it may not be as noticeable, but that’s still a nuisance if you want to keep it at its highest setting.


The assembly process isn’t the easiest, and the directions aren’t very helpful, either. All the hardware you need is included, but expect to spend at least an hour assembling this desk, and perhaps even longer.

Another annoying note is that the top and the desk frame come in 2 separate boxes that ship out at different times. It’s likely because they sell the desk frame separately if you don’t want the top, but you could be waiting a while if one comes in before the other.

vivo standing desk review

How It Can Improve

Lower It

We wish this frame would sit just a little bit lower. If the desktop itself was able to lower to 28 or 29 inches, it could make all the difference for those who aren’t as tall.

If you are on the shorter end, the dual monitor sit-stand desk featured here lowers all the way to 25 inches, which may be a more comfortable fit.


Although it’s not a deal-breaker, a keyboard tray, or even the option to purchase additional accessories, would be a nice touch. This would get around the height range issue with the frame since you wouldn’t need to sit as high in order to have your feet on the floor while also keeping your arms in an ergonomic position.

Shorter Frame

I understand the need for a wide frame base on a standing desk, but if the legs were a little shorter in the back, it would make it easier to use this against a wall without losing items.


If you’re on a budget, but you still want a good electric standing desk, the Vivo Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is a really nice option, even with a single motor. With its three-year warranty, excellent customer service, solid unit worktop, and easy height adjustment controls, the Vivo sit-stand desk is worth the money.

Electric standing desks aren’t cheap, and if they are, they lack quality. But I think the Vivo standing desk has managed to bridge the gap between quality and affordability.

Upgrade Options

If you want the best, you’ll have to pay more for it. If a single motor isn’t enough for you, consider the Vari Desk Electric Standing Desk for a nice wide top, sturdy frame, excellent warranty, easy assembly, and a powerful, yet quiet dual motor system.

If you want something with long-lasting quality and an even bigger workspace, check out our standing desk review of the ApexDesk Elite Series.


How Do I Lower My Vivo Standing Desk?

The Vivo desk has a control panel under the desktop. You simply push the button up or down to raise or lower it. It also has 3 programmable modes, so if you have them preset, just press that number, and the frame will automatically adjust.

Are Standing Desks a Good Idea?

Standing desks, or sit-stand desks, are a good idea if you work long hours. Sitting too long can lead to poor posture and muscle aches. Standing helps with blood flow, and electric standing desks take you from sitting to standing in seconds.

Do Standing Desks Make Good Treadmill Desks?

Standing desks make great treadmill desks, and the Vivo is no exception. If fitness is a priority for you, you can easily slide a standing desk over your treadmill so you can work while you exercise. Sit, stand, or run, all with the same desk.

treadmills can be used under standing desks

How the Vivo Desk Compares to Other Electric Standing Desks

#1) Flexispot EC1 Electric Standing Desk

A Little About It

The Flexispot Electric Sit Stand Desk, like the Vivo standing desk, has a solid 1 piece desktop. It’s a little cheaper, but it’s also not quite as wide at only 55 inches. It does have 4 inches more depth, though.

It has the same weight limit, but this desk is much more wobbly than the Vivo desk. Although it is a height-adjustable standing desk, it has no memory settings as the Vivo does, and assembly is difficult.

The customer service reviews are mixed, with those who were able to make contact happy with their service. However, others struggled to get a hold of anyone, leaving them frustrated when they had a problem.

They have a warranty available for purchase, which isn’t as good as the included three-year warranty you get with the Vivo electric desk.


This is the most similar to the Vivo desk because of its solid, single-unit desktop and weight capacity. You get the same amount of desk space, but it’s laid out differently. Where the Flexispot is deeper, the Vivo is wider.

We give the edge to Vivo because of the warranty, customer service, and overall stability of the desk.

#2) SHW Electric Standing Desk

A Little About It

This standing desk is more similar to the Flexispot with its price point and 55×28 surface. It does come with cable grommet holes, but it has a weight limit of only 110 pounds.

The tabletop is also 2 pieces put together, not 1 solid unit, and assembly is not easy. The biggest problem with this desk is the wobbling and overall quality. Many people complained that it simply stopped working after a few months.

With only a 1-year warranty period and hit-or-miss customer service, this is not the best option for the long haul.


We like the cable management hole to help pass wires through, but that’s about the only thing. The Vivo has a better surface top, more weight capacity, better customer service and warranty, and overall quality. We don’t think the SHW is worth the 50 or so bucks you save.

#3) Fezibo Standing Desk

A Little About It

This Fezibo sit-stand desk is also 55 inches wide but only 24 inches deep, more like the Vivo desk. The customer service isn’t as good as Vivo’s, and there’s conflicting information about how much the warranty will cover.

It does have the highest weight limit at 176 pounds, but it’s also made of 2 rather cheap tops, instead of 1 unit. It does have a little fabric drawer for hiding away small items, but it’s rather flimsy.

It’s nice that it has headphone hooks, which is something we would have liked to see on the Vivo standing desk, but overall, the quality isn’t as good.

It does have lockable wheels, so if you want a standing desk that’s also portable, this is the only one here that will do that. For more wheeled desk options, click here.


This does have a higher weight capacity, but the real difference is in the little touches, such as the fabric drawer and headphone hooks. It’s not the best quality drawer, but it’s at least additional storage for light objects. And the hook for headphones or bags means you have more space on top. It even has wheels for easy mobility.

However, we still prefer the Vivo because of the quality. The Fezibo desk, with the top made up of 2, rather flimsy pieces, just doesn’t compare over the long haul, even with its higher weight capacity.

Final Word

We think the Vivo height adjustable standing desk is a good option on a budget. Unlike the other desks in its price range, it has a better warranty, customer service, and more stability. This is a good sit-stand desk, and its overall rating on Amazon is no fluke.

If you want to spend more money, you can surely find something better. But hopefully, you have a better idea of what you can get for the money. Good luck!

vivo electric standing desk review

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