Flash Furniture Fabric Desk Chair No Wheels: Is Budget Friendly Enough?

Sometimes in life you want to go for the biggest and the best. And sometimes that’s a great idea.

But not always.

There are so many office chairs out there, but what do you really need out of one? A comfortable place to sit and do your work. If that’s you, look no further than the Flash Furniture Comfort Reception Chair.

Sure, they look great in a waiting room, but they’re also just as useful as a standard office chair. And if you don’t want to roll around while you work, this could be a great option as a desk chair without wheels.

Jump ahead if you’d like or read on to find out whether or not this chair is worth the buy.


Sometimes cheap is the way to go. This chair won’t break the bank, and sometimes that’s all you need. It does its job – giving you a comfortable place to sit and work.

It might not be your forever chair, but it will hold up to normal use.

Why Buy

Besides the low cost, these chairs are also easily stackable. That’s a great feature if you don’t have a lot of space and need to tuck them away.

They’re comfortable enough but not exactly ergonomic. You’ll want to add a pillow or lumbar roll for added lumbar support if that’s a concern for you.

Because these chairs lack arms, they make it easy to fit anywhere and should sit comfortably under any desk. It also has a fairly wide seat, which is even roomier without the arms.


This always depends on how handy you are. Some people say it’s easy to assemble, while others complain about how difficult such a simple chair is to put together. The screw holes are not always well aligned, which will make it very difficult to connect.


As mentioned above, some of the biggest complaints deal with the difficult assembly. That won’t be an ongoing problem, of course, once actually assembled.

Some others complain that it’s uncomfortable and cheap fabric. It’s not a high end chair, but you still want comfort.

The fact that the upholstery doesn’t stand the test of time may be a dealbreaker for some, despite the price.


If you don’t need the frills, the fuss, or the wheels, the Flash Furniture Comfort Reception Chair is a good option at a great price. It may not stand the test of time, but it’s a simple, sturdy chair that could do the job right now.

If you don’t like fabric, you may like this leather office chair without wheels, the AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Chair, for just a little more money.

If you want arms (and a sleeker style), try the Co-Vibrant Modern Office Chair.

For other budget-friendly options (that roll), check out the best office chairs under 100 bucks.

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