Choosing the Right Desk for Tall People: The Best of 2023

Finding a desk for tall people can be difficult. Standard desks are often too short, resulting in poor posture and discomfort, notably when your knees hit the underside of the desk.

While electronically adjustable desks can be a great option so you can find the perfect fit for your height, those do tend to cost a bit more. So we’ll also take a look at some standard desks that sit a bit higher than the average desk.

In this article, we’ll review standard desks that still have enough clearance for long legs (this is especially key for someone like me). We’ll also look at some good height adjustable and standing desks, so you can customize the right height for you. Finally, we’ll take a look at some desk converters if you just want a bit more height without the cost of a fully adjustable desk.

Refer to the table of contents below to find the area you’re most interested in exploring, or you can read on to see all of the best desks for tall people.

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The Best Standing Desks for Tall People

Standing desks make great desks for tall people because of their adjustability. While you’re limited to the height of standard desks, standing desks give you the freedom to adjust them to a height that fits you perfectly while sitting.

You can also raise it to stand while working, which is known to provide several health benefits. They do cost a bit more than regular desks, but we’ll take a look at some of the best standing desks for tall people.

standing desk for tall people
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Varidesk Electric Standing Desk (Best Overall)

If you want a tall standing desk that lasts and aren’t as worried about cost, the Varidesk is an excellent option that will last you for years to come.

Selling Points

The price is more than double the Seville, but it’s also a larger desk that’s made by a trusted brand and built to last. It’s a whopping 6 feet wide and 30 inches deep. It can lower to 25 inches and raise to 50.5 inches, which is several inches more than the Seville. This makes it the ideal standing desk for a tall person.

It is heavy at 136 pounds, but it will hold up to 180 pounds. That’s not as much as some of the standard desks, but you don’t want to put as much weight on a motor. There is no real wobble, even at its highest setting.

There are 4 programmable height settings, so you can find the settings you like the most while sitting or standing and pre-set them so you never need to adjust. The fluid motor is also whisper-quiet, so it won’t disturb those around you.

There is a headphone hook on the side which you could also use to hold your bag. Assembly is easy, though it is heavy so you may need 2 people, depending on your physical condition.

It comes in different colors so your desk can match your style. It does come shipped in 2 separate boxes, so there’s a chance it may not all arrive on the same day. It does, however, make it easier to carry into your home.

Because it is a big purchase, it’s nice to know you have a 30-day window for free returns, as well as a 5-year warranty in case anything malfunctions.


For the price, some complain that the laminate top feels cheap.

There is also no cable management, which is a feature they used to offer with the desk. Now you have to purchase it separately to hide unsightly cables.

Seville Classics Airlift Electric Height Desk (Best Glass Top)

For a moderately priced standing desk that won’t take up too much space in your room, Seville Classics Airlift desk is a fantastic option.

Selling Points

It can hold 160 pounds, making it rather sturdy, even at its highest point. The desk does have 3 different height settings, and you can lock it at your desired height so it doesn’t accidentally raise when bumped. The motor is fairly quiet, too.

The top is made of glass, so it’s dry-erase compatible. If you need to write notes, you can, then simply erase them away when you’re done. The desk sides are magnetic, too, so you can mount your dry-erase markers directly to the side.

It comes in black or white and also has a front storage drawer so you can keep office supplies handy without fear they’ll fall over when you raise the desk.

Assembly is easy, and it comes with a 2-year warranty on electrical components, as well as a 7-year warranty on non-electrical parts.


There is a dual USB charger on the front of the desk, but those ports don’t hold up well over time.

At 24 inches deep by 47.5 inches wide, it doesn’t raise as high as the others, but there is still a decent range of 27.5 to 46.5 inches high.

Flexispot Standing Desk (Best Budget)

If you want a standing desk but don’t want to pay nearly a thousand bucks, you may consider the budget-friendly Flexispot.

Selling Points

This standing desk has plenty of depth at 30 inches, but it doesn’t take up as much space at only 4 feet wide.

You do get a little bit more height than the Seville, with a range of 28 to 47.6 inches. It does come in other sizes if you want something with less depth or with more width.

The desk weighs 78 pounds and supports just over 150 pounds. The desk surface is easy to mount monitor arms onto, and you can choose from a variety of colors.

Despite the low price, it comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor.


It can be a little shaky while raising and lowering and wobbles at its highest setting.

It’s not really built to last as long as the Varidesk, but that’s why you’re getting the cheaper price.

It doesn’t come with a cable management tray, so you’ll need to purchase that separately if you want your cables neatly hidden.

Top Standard Desks for Tall People

Standing desks can be expensive, and you are reliant upon motors or hand cranks always working correctly. Sometimes you just want a basic computer desk – but one that doesn’t make you hunch over or whack your legs every time you sit down.

Standard desks are typically around 28 or 29 inches high. However, some sit lower, and many have bars or drawers that interfere with your leg clearance. So, a 28-inch desk should reasonably accommodate people up to 6 feet tall.

However, there may be a 2-inch bar or a 3-inch drawer beneath the top surface, making it really only 25 inches before your legs hit.

So, for those of us who understand “tall people problems,” here are some of the best-selling standard desks that should accommodate taller people over 5’11.

standard desk for tall people
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Tribesigns Modern Desk (Most Support)

At a little over $200, this Tribesigns desk has the most weight capacity, the largest workspace, and provides the most depth at 31 inches. It’s nearly 6 feet wide, but it also comes in smaller sizes if that’s too large for your space.

Selling Points

The solid steel frame legs make this desk incredibly sturdy and able to withstand up to 900 pounds! You could dance a jig on it without feeling any wobble. I don’t know why you would, but it’s nice to know this thing can withstand heavy use.

Despite the weight it can support, it weighs only 70 pounds, making it easier to move around by yourself.

The top is made up of 4 panels and isn’t one solid surface. This makes it much easier to ship and assemble, but you don’t get one solid smooth surface to write on.

It does come in various colors, including some with a multi-colored top. There is also the option of gold legs if you don’t like the all-white look.

This does come with an 18-month warranty, and for the price, it’s really built to last.


The metal legs really eat into your leg space. When you factor in the thickness of the tabletop and the 2-inch steel frame, you lose nearly 3 inches for your legs.

It can be very difficult to assemble, and their customer service isn’t the greatest if you run into a problem.

If you plan to use a monitor arm, it will be difficult to clamp because of that 2-inch thick steel frame.

There are also some complaints that the 4-panel wood top is rather cheap and doesn’t look as nice after too much use. You could always use a desk pad, but not everyone wants to do that.

Monarch Specialties Desk (Most Storage)

The most expensive of the standard desks here, the Monarch is also the most stylish with the most amount of storage space. When you sit, you’re flanked by 2 side drawers on the left and a side file cabinet drawer on the right.

Selling Points

There are just over 3 inches between the top of the desk and the top of the drawers, giving it a floating, modern look. You can use that space for extra paper storage or just leave it open.

The drawers don’t hit all the way to the ground, leaving nearly 11 inches of space between the floor and the bottom of the desk. You can also choose different desk colors.

The desk itself is also the tallest here, sitting at 30.25 inches high. The top itself is 1.5 inches, making the actual legroom height just under 29 inches, which is still high enough for most people.

In addition to the 2 feet of depth, this desk also spans 5 feet in width, so you have will have plenty of usable workspace.


Although the desk sits tall, it has only 18.5 inches of depth for your legs before you hit the back panel. This can be a drawback for those with long legs because you don’t have much room to spread out.

You also can’t move much from side to side since you’re surrounded by storage space. You do have about 26 inches of width to fit into, though, which should fit most people easily.

Although the desk weighs nearly 100 pounds, it only supports up to 80 pounds. That’s because of the hollow top surface, which can feel rather flimsy. Definitely don’t try sitting on this thing!

Coleshome Modern Desk (Best Height)

If the massive Tribesigns desk is a bit too much desk for you, you may love this Coleshome desk. With a depth of 22 inches, it doesn’t take up as much space but still gives you plenty of room with over 5 feet of width.

Selling Points

This desk has the most legroom with a height of 30 inches and no thick bar to get in your way, making it ideal for tall people. They also come in smaller sizes without sacrificing much height.

The desk weighs only 28 pounds, so it’s very easy to move and assemble by yourself. Even though it’s light, it can still hold over 300 pounds.

It is available in different colors including a white marble or black marble top. It’s also very budget-friendly, at nearly half the price of the first 2 desks.

You can easily mount monitor arms to the desk, and there is also a free part replacement if anything comes broken.

There is a hook on the side of the desk leg where you can hang your headphones or work bag, keeping the floor and desk space clear. It also comes with adjustable leg pads.


This doesn’t have as much depth as some of the other desks, which might be a deterrent if you plan to have multiple monitors resting on the surface top.

The desk legs are not as sturdy as the steel Tribesigns legs, and they can bend more easily under heavy pressure.

The laminate-covered top is susceptible to wear and tear, so it may not stay looking nice forever.

Mr. Ironstone Computer Desk (Best Budget)

If it’s budget you want, this Mr. Ironstone desk will keep you around the $100 mark. With a depth of almost 2 feet, it’s already more desk space than the Coleshome desk. It’s 55 inches wide, but it does come in 31 and 47 inches.

Selling Points

It’s not quite as high as the Coleshome, but at 29.5 inches, that’s still plenty of space for long legs. The sturdy frame comes in all black, but you can choose your desktop color.

The desk only weighs 33 pounds, but it holds up to 220 pounds. Assembly is easy, and it shouldn’t be much trouble to carry the boxes inside after shipping.

This desk also comes with a storage bag and cupholder on one side with a hook for headphones on the other. This keeps your workspace free of clutter and prevents spills from ruining your setup.

There are also adjustable leg pads so you can level your desk on an uneven floor. Mr. Ironstone provides good customer service to go with a 2-year warranty.


There is a metal frame underneath this surface, so you lost a bit of legroom and may have a harder time mounting monitors.

The storage bag is flimsy, but it can be good to hold papers and small items.

Some people have complained that not all of the parts needed for assembly arrive with the desk.

CubiCubi Computer Desk (Best Value)

If you want the best value for your money, this incredibly popular CubiCubi desk provides a solid surface that looks great and provides plenty of room for taller people but definitely will not break the bank. Check out the full review here.

Selling Points

This is 55 inches, but it does come in smaller sizes if that’s too big for you. At nearly 2 feet deep and 29.5 inches high, this desk can comfortably hold those over 6 feet tall.

Like the Mr. Ironstone desk, this supports up to 220 pounds. It weighs slightly more at 37 pounds, but it’s still easy enough to move and assemble alone. It also comes in a variety of surface colors.

It also has a storage bag and iron hook for headphones or backpacks. There is no cupholder on this one, but the storage bag is a bit sturdier than Mr. Ironstone’s, so you can hold a bit more without the bag flopping around.

CubiCubi has excellent customer service if you run into any problems.


Like with Mr. Ironstone, the frame can make mounting monitors more difficult, and it does take about an inch of legroom away.

A Look at the Best Standing Desk Converters

If you like standard desks or already have an existing desk but simply want to turn it into an instant standing desk, you might like these standing desk converters.

standing desk converters tall people
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Varidesk Essential Standing Desk Converter (Best Overall)

At over $200, the Varidesk is the most expensive one here. However, it’s also the highest rated and is made by Vari, a trusted and well-known brand.

Selling Points

This comes fully assembled out of the box, so you don’t have to waste any time there. It weighs 53 pounds but only holds 25 pounds, which is still enough for your monitor and keyboard tray.

At 36 inches wide, it’s capable of holding dual monitors, but again you would need a monitor arm for security when raising and lowering.

There are 11 height settings, and it can raise from 5 inches to over 17 inches high with a spring-assisted lift, making it easy to lift and lower. So if your desk is 30 inches high, you’ll get a little over 47 inches at its max height.

You do have a 30-day free return window and a 3-year warranty with this.


The tray beneath the monitor stand can hold a keyboard, but it doesn’t leave much room to move a mouse around.

TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter (Best Adjustment Range)

If you want to stay under $200, the TechOrbits standing desk converter is 30 inches wide but also comes in 32, 37, and 42 if you want more space.

Selling Points

This weighs less than the Varidesk converter at 16.7 pounds, but it also holds less. The top shelf holds 33 pounds, but the bottom keyboard tray holds only 4 pounds.

It does raise a bit higher than Vari, however. From 4.3 inches at its lowest up to 19.9 inches at its highest. That’s 3 more inches of height, which is even better for a tall person.

Although it’s not fully assembled, the assembly is easy, and you can choose your color. The converter is easy to raise and fits multiple monitors.

It feels sturdy and comes with a lifetime warranty. It also has a slot on the top for your tablet or pens.


There isn’t much depth on the lower shelf for a keyboard, and there’s barely any room for your mouse.

Fezibo Standing Desk Converter (Most Stylish)

Around the same price as the TechOrbits, the 34-inch wide Fezibo desk converter also comes in 30, 37, and 42-inch widths. It gives you roughly the same height, as well, ranging from 4.5 to 19.3 inches high.

Selling Points

You do get more depth than the TechOrbits, and the top shelf also comes with a slot that can hold your tablet, phone, or pens.

This weighs twice as much as TechOrbits but supports the same amount of weight at 33 pounds. There is a 3-year warranty, which is similar to Vari but less than TechOrbits.

Assembly is easy, and it can hold dual monitors with no problem. It doesn’t require much effort to lift, either.


The curvy design may seem ergonomic, but it takes away room for your keyboard and mouse.

You will also experience a slight wobble as you raise this at its highest point.

SHW Desk Riser (Best Budget)

Finally, the budget-friendly SHW standing desk converter has the largest lower shelf. The top shelf is shorter at 9.5 inches deep and sits 5 inches higher than the lower shelf.

Selling Points

This comes with a pullout drawer on the top to store papers, pens, or other accessories. It does support more weight, too, at 60 pounds.

The main surface is 21 inches deep and raises from 4 to 16 inches. However, because the monitor sits 5 inches higher than that, you actually get about 21 inches of height, making it one of the best standing desks for a tall person.

It comes in various colors, and it’s a good value for the price.


This feels sturdy, but it takes a lot of effort to raise and lower.

It can also arrive damaged, with customer service not as good as the other options.

What to Look for in a Desk for Tall People

Adjustable Height

For the long-legged among us, a standard desk can feel more like a toddler’s play table than a serious workspace. A desk that is too low for a tall person can cause strain on the neck, shoulders, and back since it forces you to hunch while you work. This can lead to discomfort, pain, and even long-term health issues.

An adjustable height desk can sweep in like a superhero, saving the day (and your lower back) with their customizable height options. They can prevent these health issues by allowing tall people to adjust their desks to the appropriate height for their comfort, health, and productivity.

adjust desk for tall people
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Sturdy Construction

A flimsy desk is like a house of cards waiting to collapse under the slightest bit of pressure. A sturdy desk can withstand even the most enthusiastic coffee-fueled typing sessions, ensuring that you stay focused and productive without worrying about any desk-related disasters.

A sturdy design also prevents wobble that causes your monitor to shake. It will also ensure you can support monitor and laptop setups without fear of collapse. The stronger it is to hold up to constant use, the longer it will last, saving you money in the long term.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics matter, especially if you find yourself working long hours at a desk. It’s like a personal masseuse for your entire body – it makes everything feel better! You don’t realize how much of a long-term impact the wrong posture can have on your body.

With all the hours we spend glued to our screens each day, it’s no wonder our bodies sometimes feel like they’ve been hit by a bus. A desk that’s not set up correctly can contribute to headaches, neck pain, and back pain, not to mention a general feeling of crankiness that we really don’t need in our lives.

You should work at a desk that allows your chair to comfortably fit beneath it so your elbows are level, and you aren’t straining to see your monitor.

ergonomic desk for tall people
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Adequate Surface Area

A tall person running out of desktop space is like running out of coffee on Monday morning – it’s a disaster waiting to happen! Suddenly, you’re left with a haphazard pile of papers, pens, and snacks, all competing for precious real estate on your desk. And let’s not forget about your computer, which seems to take up half the space by itself.

The more surface area you have, the easier it is to work comfortably. A desk with not only width to spread out, but also depth to comfortably work is important. There’s nothing worse than sitting back in your chair and having to reach for the keyboard because it’s too close to the edge of your desk. You want your wrists properly supported.

surface space for desk for tall people
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Cable Management

Cable wires are like the unwanted guests at a party – they’re always in the way! Just when you think you’ve found the perfect spot for your desk, those pesky cables start snaking around, making things look cluttered and disorganized.

Trying to maneuver around them can feel like a game of Twister, except without the fun. Some desks come with built-in cable management trays, which is an awesome feature you’ll be thankful for later.

If your desk doesn’t have this, you can still find separate cable trays designed to fit most desks.

cable management in desk for tall people
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What is the ideal height for desks for tall people?

Most desks sit about 28 inches high and aren’t always ideal for taller people. For those over 6 feet tall, the desk should be at least 29 inches high. Height adjustable desks are ideal for tall people so they can accommodate your legs and ensure proper posture while working.

Do tall people need higher desks?

Tall people may find sitting at a regular-sized desk uncomfortable and can experience posture issues. Even if you have a laptop riser, that may not resolve your issues. For those with long legs, the desk height can interfere with their legroom. Standing or adjustable desks are good options for tall people to help combat these issues.

leg room in desk for tall people
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Final Verdict

Standing Desks

If price is no concern, the best standing desk for durability and height is the Varidesk Electric Standing Desk.

If you want to spend less, try the Seville Classics Airlift or the budget-friendly Flexispot.

Standard Computer Desks

If you want the most room for your legs, the affordable Coleshome Desk is a great choice. But the Mr. Ironstone Desk and CubiCubi Desk are also great budget options.

If you want a tall desk with storage, the Monarch Specialties Desk has plenty of drawers and a modern design, but its hollow top doesn’t feel sturdy enough.

The Tribesigns Modern Desk will give you the most support but cuts into your legroom more than the other desks.

Standing Desk Converters

If you’re looking for standing desk converters, the Varidesk Essential is the top-of-the-line and built to last. The TechOrbits also gives you good height range but costs less.

To keep the costs low, try the Fezibo or the SHW.

standing desks tall people
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