CubiCubi Desk Review: The #1 Best Desk or Just Hype?

If you’ve browsed through the internet looking for a good computer desk, chances are you’ve come across the CubiCubi computer desk. It looks like so many other desks out there, though, and it can be confusing as to which one you should actually buy.

The CubiCubi computer desk is one of the best-selling desks on Amazon with thousands of 5-star reviews. We’re going to break down why that is in this CubiCubi desk review of a very popular, yet simple computer desk.

There are different sizes, but they all have the same look, build, and materials. There are subtle differences between the smaller and larger desks beyond just the workspace, and we’ll look at all of those.

Skip ahead in our detailed review if you want to see a specific feature, or else read on to learn more about the CubiCubi computer desk that’s selling like gangbusters!

CubiCubi Desk Review

What You Need to Know

CubiCubi was founded in 2019, but in that short window of time, they’ve established themselves as one of the biggest home office furniture sellers on Amazon.

If they sound similar to Cubiker, it’s because Cubiker is a brand under the CubiCubi company. They also have a lesser-known brand called DESINO, which focuses on gaming desks and gaming chairs.


Various Sizes

The first thing you’ll notice about the CubiCubi Computer Desk is that you have options based on how much room you need and how much space you have in your home. You can really choose the perfect size for you. All of these desks stand 30 inches high, which is an appropriate height and plenty of room to fit most office chairs, even with fixed armrests.

The 32-inch, 40-inch, and 47-inch desks all have just under 20 inches of depth, making them great for a small space. If you think you need more surface room than that, you’ll want to look at the 55 or 63-inch options to maximize your workspace.

They both have 2 feet of depth, and they’re great options if you have multiple monitors because of the space to hold monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse. In fact, we featured this desk on our list of best double monitor computer desks.

dual monitor setup

Bonus Features

All of the desks have an extra storage bag that can be affixed to either side of the desk. The bags can hold about 15 pounds, and they’re great for magazines, paperwork, extra pens, or even games if you use this as a gaming desk.

The storage bag is the same for these smaller 3 desks at 8 inches high by just over 3 inches deep and 18 inches wide. It’s a quick solution to easily organize your small items.

With the 55 and 63-inch desks, you get the same storage bag but with 4 more inches of width space. Like the others, it can be affixed to either side of the desk.

It also comes with an iron hook to hold headphones (find some here) or a bag. I guess it could even hold a sweater if you sometimes get cold while working. The iron hook is a nice feature because it just frees up a bit more desk space.

Sturdy Frame

The surface area features a scratch-resistant melamine-faced board with a steel frame. Even though the sizes are all different, CubiCubi states that the desk can support up to 175 pounds. The back of the desk has 2 bars that form a triangular shape on each desk side to help give it more stability.

This office desk has adjustable leg pads that help you level the desk on uneven surfaces. You could also raise them all slightly if you want your desk sitting about a half-inch higher.

Color Options

The CubiCubi computer desk also features a black metal frame and your choice of top: black, black marble, brown, deep brown, reddish wood, walnut, and white. You can also choose a light oak top with a white metal frame if you want to keep things light. I personally think the rustic brown gives a beautiful appearance to your home office room.


These desks range in price from about $70-$140, depending on the width. The prices may also change depending on which color option you go choose. Even the largest desk is very affordable when you consider how much space you get.

CubiCubi Guarantee

CubiCubi offers a 60-day, money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, or if there’s a problem in transit, you can return it, worry-free. In most cases, when there was a problem, they were quick to send a replacement, sometimes not even requiring you to return the original.

This desk is also very easy to assemble, with many people able to assemble it in about 20 minutes.


Thick Bar

The thick metal bar that runs the entire length of the desktop makes it difficult if you plan to mount a separate monitor arm. It’s hard to get a firm grip because of the thickness of the bar.

That bar also cuts into the legroom, so you have about 29 inches instead of 30. That’s not a huge deal, but it’s worth mentioning if you have a high chair or one with armrests that will barely fit underneath the desk.


When you use a lot of force or type on your keyboard too quickly, you will notice some wobble to the desk. Although it’s sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight, because there are no crossbars in the back like the similar Cubiker Desk, you will notice some movement.

How It Can Improve

It’s not enough of a solid structure to prevent wobbling, especially noticeable on the larger desks. This would be a relatively simple fix with a metal bar attachment, and we wish they would add that extra bit of support so it can withstand heavy use.

We’d like to see the desktop extend a little beyond the thick bar, at least in the back of the desk. This way, you can clamp a monitor arm easily to it.

As it is now, there’s not enough depth to clamp it to the desktop without hitting the metal bar. And the bar is so thick, some mounts won’t extend wide enough to go over it.

monitor arm mount


What’s the Difference between CubiCubi and Cubiker?

CubiCubi is the umbrella company for CubiCubi, Cubiker, and DESINO furniture. DESINO focuses on gaming desks and chairs. CubiCubi and Cubiker products are very similar in make and style, with Cubiker making more end tables than CubiCubi.

Are CubiCubi Desks Good?

CubiCubi makes affordable desks that look nice. The metal frame with a vintage wood top looks great in industrial spaces. They’re good desks if your concern is budget and style, but they aren’t all as durable as others on the market.


The CubiCubi Computer Desk is a great choice for anyone who wants a modern, minimal, elegant desk at a very affordable price. If you don’t need a lot of storage, and you want to keep the cost low, this desk definitely fits the bill. There’s a reason it has so many 5-star reviews on Amazon.

If you prefer more storage with your desk, the Joiescope home office desk has a very similar look and adjustable leg pads, but it comes with additional storage shelves, making it a suitable desk for storing books and heavier items.

If you like the 40-inch computer desk but want a little more depth, try the Coleshome Desk. However, this desk comes with no storage or iron hook.

If you’d rather have an L-shaped computer desk, check out our review on the popular Mr Ironstone Desk.

If you need your office desk to be portable, check out some of these wheeled desks.

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