The Best Wheeled Desk for Your Home Office (2023)

There are a lot of reasons you might want a wheeled desk for your home office. If you need to be portable, a desk on wheels is the perfect solution. If your office doubles as a guest room, you can move your main workstation without disrupting your guests. Maybe you just like working from different parts of the home.

Whatever the reason, desks with wheels can go where you go. You have the freedom to move around anywhere. Just think about how easy it would be to rearrange your room. You don’t have to haul a large, bulky desk; simply roll the desk to a new part of the room without even breaking a sweat.

There are different types of rolling desks, though, so it can be hard to know which one is right for you. We’ll look at some rolling standing desks, stationary height desks on wheels, and adjustable sit-to-stand options. Whatever your price point or need, there is an option for you.

Read on to see the best desks on wheels for your money – big or small, electric or manual, sitting or standing. Your perfectly portable desk is awaiting.

What Is the Best Wheeled Desk of 2022?

The Best Wheeled Desk for You

#1) Techni Mobili Sit to Stand Laptop Cart (Best Rolling Laptop Cart)

This sit-to-stand rolling laptop cart is under $100, and it takes up very little room in your home, making it a great option for small spaces. Each section holds 20 pounds, except for the bottom, which holds 30.

The entire cart adjusts in height from 31.5 inches up to 45.5 inches, making it a great standing desk with wheels. You can tilt the top base where your laptop sits from 30 to 60 degrees.

There is a bar to hold your laptop in place, even when it’s tilted. The top piece is curved, but it’s widest at the front, spanning 21.5 inches. It’s just over a foot from front to back from the center of the worktop, so it should easily accommodate any size laptop, but not much else.

Because of the adjustment knobs, there is a gap between the top and middle shelf, so you could store some papers or other small items on the middle desktop, regardless of the height.

There is also a small 6″ x 8″ drawer that’s, which is enough space to keep a few commonly used office supplies nearby.

Beneath the drawer is an open cubby for additional storage. This is great for taller items, such as books or even a power strip. Choose from black or brown and lock it into place with lockable casters.

It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty, so it’s hard to go wrong at this price point.


It can be difficult to adjust the height, and the top is not very wide.

It’s a little too high to sit comfortably when it’s at its lowest setting.

There is no cut-out for wire management.

#2) SHW Height Adjustable Laptop Cart (Best Budget)

If price is your biggest concern, this wheeled desk will keep you under $50.

This may be simple, but it has great reviews, and it will get the job done.

It has a wider desktop than the Techni Mobili at over 2 feet by nearly 16 inches deep. That’s enough to hold your laptop, a mouse, your drink, or a notebook and pen.

It will hold 30 pounds, and if you don’t need a lot of storage, then this could work for you. It does go from 28 inches up to 33 inches.

It’s great for sitting, whether in bed, from your couch, or in an actual office chair. Just lock the wheels, and you’re good to go.

You can stand and work, but it doesn’t raise high enough to do that comfortably all day.


The top doesn’t tilt, and there’s no storage.

It’s not good for standing, and it doesn’t feel very steady.

#3) Stand Up Desk 60″ Hand Crank Desk (Best Hand Crank Desk with Wheels)

This is the most expensive of the desks on wheels we’ll look at today, but it’s also the largest. If you need space to work, not just portability, then this is the one.

It can hold up to 154 pounds, and it’s a 2-tier design. The top part adjusts from 33 to 47 inches. and the lower tier will raise from 29 to 42 inches, so it’s ideal for sitting or standing.

To adjust the height, simply use the hand crank, which can be installed on either side of the desk. So for all those lefties out there, fear not!

It takes about 6 turns of the crank to raise an inch, so it will take longer than an electric one, but you don’t have to worry about motors or power.

The 5-foot width makes it a great computer desk for dual monitors. See more double monitor computer desks here. The top tier is 14 inches deep, and the bottom tier is 16 inches deep. There are no drawers, but there is plenty of desk room to hold essential items.

There are three cable management holes on the lower tier, so you can run wires with ease and secure a power strip to the bottom shelf.

The steel frame comes in white or black. If you don’t want the black MDF top, you can also choose from teak, walnut, or birch.

Lockable casters keep your computer desk firmly in place when you’re using it, and it’s easy to roll when you need to move it. And their 5-year limited warranty offers great peace of mind.


The tray for the keyboard sits about the same height as most desktops, rather than slightly below it, so it’s not as ergonomic.

If you turn it too quickly, the hand crank can fall off.

#4) VIVO 36″ Electric Standing Desk (Best Electric Standing Desk with Wheels)

If you don’t want to bother with a hand crank, this desk has an electrical motor for one-button height adjustment. It’s about half the price of the Stand Up Desk, but it’s also about half the size. For an upgrade without wheels, check out the ApexDesk electric standing desk.

The top will hold 88 pounds, and with the push of a button, you can change the height from 23 to 49 inches. Go from sitting to standing in seconds. Like the others, it has lockable wheels.

The top is 22 inches at its deepest, but there is a cut-out in the center where your monitor would go.

The retractable keyboard tray is half the size and sits 5 inches below the top. This can’t be adjusted, since that is one unit that moves together.

This comes with a 3-year warranty and tech support. That’s not as good as some of the 5-year warranties we’ve seen, but it’s still important to have when you’re dealing with electrical components.


There is no safety stop on the height adjustment, so make sure you are clear before you use it.

It can feel a bit wobbly when it’s at its highest point.

#5) SIDUCAL Mobile Standing Desk (Best Value Desk with Wheels)

If you like to choose between sitting and standing, still want a bit of storage with your portable desk, but don’t want to spend a lot, this is the best value for you.

This has 2 shelves, each of which holds 40 pounds. Adjust the height manually with the knobs from 27 to 45 inches. That’s a little less than the VIVO, but it will still accommodate most heights.

You get about 2 feet of width and depth when it’s positioned as a sitting desk. When you raise it, the two panels can separate, so you can angle the bottom part where your keyboard is and keep the monitor on the back desktop.

If you’re using a laptop, you can use the back piece as a bookshelf or office supply storage. The front section has a ledge to secure your laptop, even when it’s at an angle. Lock the casters, and you’re all set.

SIDUCAL does offer free returns if, for some reason, you’re unhappy with your purchase. Choose from black, brown, beige, or even pink.


It’s very hard to change the height while you have items on your desk. If you have a lot to remove, it’s not easy to go from sit to stand.

There are no preset heights, so it’s hard to level the desk when you raise it.

#6) Tangkula Mobile Desk (Best Traditional Desk with Wheels)

If you’re not a fan of the standing desk, but you still want a desk on wheels, this one is for you.

It holds 110 pounds and has a very large desktop. It’s nearly 4′ by 2′ deep. It also sits 29.5 inches from the ground, so it should accommodate whatever office chair you have.

It’s a very simple design with a black steel frame and a black or walnut MDF top. The four 360-degree swivel wheels roll easily over surfaces, including carpet, and they lock into place when needed.

It’s a very simple, minimal design, but it sure provides plenty of workspace, so it would be a great computer desk for double monitors.


Many people struggled with assembly and found that the screw holes didn’t properly align, so they were forced to create their own or struggled to piece it together.

Their customer service is very poor, so if there’s a problem, it’s hard to reach anyone who can help.

On a Budget? Try These:

Budget #1) Hadulcet Adjustable Standing Desk

This mobile standing desk has a 2-tier design and adjusts 18 inches in height to accommodate most sizes, either sitting or standing.

It provides plenty of room for a laptop on one shelf and office supplies on another, or you can use the higher shelf to hold a monitor and the lower one as a keyboard tray.

Budget #2) Techni Mobili Mobile Desk

This mobile desk on wheels is great for students or anyone who needs to move their office out of the guest room when guests arrive.

It holds 90 pounds and has plenty of workspace, including 2 shelves and a bonus drawer. It’s a great affordable option if you’re not a fan of standing while working.

Budget #3) Le Crozz Rolling Laptop Cart

This is a very simple, basic, budget-friendly laptop cart on wheels. It will only move in height 5 inches, so it’s better for sitting. But you could stand at it if you needed to make a presentation.

It has a fairly large desktop, and it will easily slide under a bed or couch so you can truly work from any part of your home. That’s the real beauty of working from home!

Final Verdict: Your Best Desk with Wheels

If you’re looking for a small, portable laptop desk on wheels, the Techni Mobili Sit to Stand Laptop Cart is a great option. You get a small worktop, but it’s perfect for a laptop and has plenty of storage without taking up space in your home.

If you want quick, easy height adjustment, try the VIVO 36″ Electric Standing Desk.

If you don’t want to deal with the motor or wires but want a step up from the manual knob adjustment, try the Stand Up Desk 60″ Hand Crank Desk.

If you want the option to sit or stand without paying too much, try the great value SIDUCAL Mobile Standing Desk.

If you’d rather sit, the Tangkula Mobile Desk has tons of workspace. For a smaller, cheaper, no-frills option, try the SHW Height Adjustable Laptop Cart.


#1) What Are the Different Types of Rolling Standing Desks?

If you want an adjustable height standing desk, there are electric, hand crank, or manual knob adjustment desks on wheels. You can also get a rolling laptop cart if you want to keep a low profile. These tend to take up less space in your office.

#2) How Do Rolling Standing Desks Work?

Depending on the type, rolling standing desks can adjust manually or electronically, while some are just stationary in height. Always lock the wheels while it’s in use, and unplug and secure all cables if you plan to move your desk.

What to Look for in the Best Standing Desk with Wheels


A desk with wheels is useless if the wheels don’t work well. Make sure the casters roll easily over surfaces you use. If you have high pile carpets, you’ll want something with rollerblade wheels or heavy-duty wheels.

Make sure the wheels lock and unlock with the kick of your foot so you don’t move when you don’t want to.

Height Adjustment

You want your standing desk to promote better posture, so pay attention to the height adjustment options. If you’re tall, you want to make sure it raises high enough that you don’t have to crane your neck.

If you want the option to sit, make sure it goes low enough that your feet sit flat on the floor, with the monitor directly in front of you. It’s important to know how to properly stand at your desk.

Different Desk Height Adjustments

Desk Space

How much room do you want from your desk? Maybe you have a large monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Maybe you’re just using a laptop and don’t require much else.

Some of the best portable desks don’t provide much desk space, so make sure you have enough surface space to hold everything you use on a daily basis. That could be a larger desktop, or it could be more storage.

Amount of Desk Space


Obviously, price is always a concern, and it’s no different when you’re shopping for desks. Depending on what you need, the cost can vary hundreds of dollars. Know what you’re willing to spend and start from there.

You can still get what you need, even if you don’t have much to spend. Just know cheaper desks probably won’t hold up well over time. But if it’s all you can afford, it will still get the job done.

Calculating the cost

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