7 Best Herman Miller Alternative Chairs: Style on a Budget

There’s no denying Herman Miller makes great chairs. But they also come at a great cost. So if you like what they’re making but can’t quite afford the investment, we’ll show you some of the best Herman Miller alternative chairs.

Some of these chairs are look-alikes, others provide a similar type of ergonomic support and comfort, and some combine the perfect affordable blend of both.

Although the Aeron chair is the classic Herman Miller chair, we’ll look at alternatives to some of their other styles as well, including the Sayl and the truly unique Embody chair.

You can skip ahead using the table of contents below, or read on to find out what makes these Herman Miller alternative chairs worth buying.

What to Look for in a Herman Miller Alternative Office Chair


Herman Miller chairs are designed to adjust to your body type with plenty of optional and ergonomic features, including adjustable lumbar support, arms, and seat height.

If you’re tall, a chair with adjustable seat pan depth means your legs can still fit comfortably. If you can control the lumbar support, you don’t have to worry about it hitting you in the wrong spot. And if you suffer from carpal tunnel, being able to control where the armrests sit might be most important to you.

Lack of adjustable features could lead to slouching


Are these alternatives durable? Well, yes, but to an extent. There’s a reason Herman Miller chairs cost what they do because they’re built to last. They use high-end materials that won’t easily break down with a lot of wear and tear.

But cheaper chairs can still be made to last. That’s where warranties come into play. If a company offers a good warranty, it’s likely they’ve made a solid office chair they believe will hold up over time.

Standing on a chair


Because they stand behind their products, Herman Miller offers an exceptional 12-year warranty that covers absolutely everything. If there is a need for a part or labor (so long as it’s in the US or Canada), they will pay everything.

Most companies don’t offer a warranty that good, and at a cheaper price point, you are unlikely to find anything similar. Some of the chairs here do offer 5-year warranties, which is still quite good, especially if you’re paying a fraction of the price.

Thinking about warranty options


Know your budget. If you’re looking for a Herman Miller alternative, chances are it’s because you can’t quite justify the price tag. But even if you can’t afford their prices, that doesn’t mean you can’t still find something similar on a budget that works for you.

You need to spend about $600 to even get Herman Miller’s most basic, non-adjustable model. The price will only go up from there. We look at options here that are about $500 and under, but there are some that are better quality if you’re willing to shell out a little bit more money.

Hundreds to thousands of dollars for Herman Miller chairs

The Best Herman Miller Alternatives

#1.) WorkPro Quantum 9000 (Best Aeron Alternative)

If you like the look of the classic Aeron, a great Herman Miller Aeron alternative is the WorkPro Quantum 9000 ergonomic chair. Aside from having a similar look, it also has a lot of similar features to the iconic chair.


The seat height adjusts on this chair from 18 to 21.5 inches high, which is higher than the largest of the Aeron chairs. The Aeron does sit 3 inches lower at its lowest point (great if you’re shorter).

What this Aeron chair alternative has that the Aeron does not have is an adjustable seat depth. It can move forward 19 to 21 inches and has a roomy 20-inch wide seat. This could mean the difference between your knees digging into the edge of the seat or finding the perfect ergonomic fit for your legs.

Like the Herman Miller Aeron, both the backrest and seat are made of a breathable mesh material, designed to keep you cool all day long.

There is lumbar support which is built into the mesh backing. And while the lumbar doesn’t adjust, the entire seatback does adjust up or down 3 inches. Not even the Aeron features a movable backrest.

Like the Aeron chair, this has adjustable arms. They’re also covered in a soft, comfortable gel padding. You can’t change the width, but you can pivot the armrests in or out. This is especially useful if you’re trying to fit the chair under a desk with a keyboard tray.


The Aeron holds 300 to 350 pounds, depending on the size chair you choose, whereas this one holds only 275 pounds, which isn’t as much as the other chairs featured here.

You can tilt back, but the seat won’t tilt with you, making it a little awkward to lean back.

In Summary

The look and the adjustable features, including the height-adjustable backrest make the WorkPro Quantum 9000 the best Herman Miller Aeron alternative.

An even cheaper Herman Miller Aeron alternative you can find for under $200 is the Alera Elusion, which does have a forward tilt feature but does not feature an adjustable seat depth.

#2.) SIDIZ T50 (Best Embody Alternative)

The Herman Miller Embody chair has a very unique look that you’d be hard-pressed to find replicated. However, the closest to it is the SIDIZ T50 ergonomic chair.


Both chairs have a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and both have a similar height adjustment. The SIDIZ allows you to adjust from 18 to 21.5 inches.

Like the WorkPro Quantum 9000, this one also features a seat depth that is adjustable from 19-21.5 inches with a wide 20-inch seat. This is a feature that the Embody does not have. You can also slope the seat down if you want to be leaning forward while working. This is a feature not found in the other chairs.

The backrest is made of mesh material, while the padded seat is covered in a removable fabric material. The seat cover comes in blue, grey, or black, and the fact that you can remove it means you don’t have to worry about spills or stains. Simply remove it, wash it, and put it back on.

This office chair comes with an adjustable headrest, although there is a version without the headrest. You can move it up and down, as well as forward and backward, helping you find the spot that’s most comfortable for your head.

The lumbar support also adjusts up and down and in and out, meaning you are able to control the amount of pressure you want.

Not only can you tilt back, but this chair also has a forward tilt. If you want to sit a bit closer to your desk, this is a nice feature. The ability to adjust the lumbar forward means you can still get that support even when you’re sitting further forward.

The fully adjustable armrests change in height, width, and depth. So you can make more room in the seat by pushing them out, or pull them toward you if you’re a little smaller. Being able to pull them forward is great if you have longer arms.

There is a 30-day free trial to go along with a 3-year warranty on parts (1 year on upholstery and foam).


Many people find the seat cushion uncomfortable for long hours. If you like a really thick cushioned seat, you won’t get it without adding your own.

In Summary

You won’t find something that looks just like the Embody, but this office chair does have a lot of the features you see in Herman Miller. If you like adjustability and don’t mind a firmer seat, the SIDIZ T50 is a great alternative at a much lower cost.

#3.) SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair (Best Mirra 2 Alternative)

The SIHOO ergonomic office chair is not an exact Mirra 2 replica, but it’s pretty close and costs only a fraction of the price.


This office chair holds an impressive 330 pounds and has a fairly wide 20 inches of seat space. It also adjusts up 4 inches from 16.5 to 20.5 inches of height, nearly as high as the Bowery.

The cooling mesh back allows for proper ventilation, while the fabric seat is well-padded with a waterfall seat edge to relieve pressure on your legs.

Although the Mirra 2 does not have a headrest, the SIHOO has an adjustable headrest, which adjusts backward 45 degrees so it doesn’t have to push your head forward.

The adjustable lumbar support moves up and down 2 inches, but it also adjusts in and out 1.2 inches, a feature the Mirra 2 does not have.

The armrests are adjustable in height only. You can tilt back and lock the tilt at several different angles.

Even at this lower price point, this chair comes with a 3-year warranty, so you can feel confident in purchasing.


You can’t adjust the depth of the seat, something you can do on the upgraded Mirra 2 model. It also has one of the shallowest seat depths on the list at only 17.3 inches, not ideal for people with long legs.

In Summary

If it’s budget you’re concerned with, the SIHOO office chair is a great option with adjustable features.

If you want a chair that’s the closest look to the Mirra 2 (and a budget option at under $200), this Flash Furniture office chair is a near-identical match. Some more chairs under $200 can be found here.

#4.) HON Ignition 2.0 (Best Versus Alternative)

The Herman Miller Versus is a more traditional, elegant-looking chair, and its closest alternative is the beautiful Hon Ignition 2.0 ergonomic chair, both of which hold 300 pounds.


Like most of the other chairs on the list, this chair features a 20-inch wide seat a 19-inch deep seat that you can adjust forward, and it adjusts in height 3 inches.

The mesh back looks flexes with your movements, almost hugging your back as you turn in your seat. This is the best feature of the chair and the thing that makes it so similar to Herman Miller.

In addition to the stretchy mesh backing, this office chair also has adjustable lumbar support that adjusts both up and down and in and out, making it a great chair for people with sciatica.

You can move the adjustable armrests in height and width, allowing more room within your seat. This is a plus if you sometimes enjoy sitting cross-legged.

This chair also has a 2 to 1 synchro tilt, meaning the seat tilts back only half as much as the backrest, which is meant to help with circulation.

HON provides a full lifetime warranty on this chair, which means you never have to worry about it breaking down because you’re covered.


The mesh seat doesn’t provide much padding if you plan to sit in it for long periods of time.

At its highest, it sits lower than all of the other chairs here, including the Versus.

In Summary

If you like the simple look of the Versus, The HON Ignition 2.0 is a great adjustable chair for your money. The hugging backrest keeps you comfortable all day, but the seat can get a little uncomfortable. You can get it in all black or fog, which I think looks especially nice.

#5.) Steelcase Series 1 (Best Budget Herman Miller Alternative)

A lot of these chairs are great alternatives, but the Steelcase company is the closest alternative to Herman Miller. They both offer strong warranties. They both feature their own brand of back-hugging mesh material. So if you want the closest thing to the real deal, the Series 1 ergonomic chair is Steelcase’s budget option.


With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, the Steelcase Series 1 chair holds the most weight of any chair featured here. The seat can also slide forward 2.25 inches, but it doesn’t extend as far as the other alternatives.

Steelcase designed its own LiveBack technology, which is designed to mimic your movements, adjusting with you. It’s similar to the 8Z pellicle mesh.

This also features a built-in adjustable lumbar support, which is adjustable in height up to 2.25 inches. The entire seat raises 5 inches, sitting at 21.5 inches at its highest point.

The fully adjustable armrests can adjust up and down, in and out, forward and backward, as well as pivot inward or outward. The only thing they can’t do is flip up, but you should have no problem finding the most comfortable position for your arms.

It comes in almost every color, so you can definitely find the look you want to match your space.

Like its counterpart, Steelcase also features a 12-year warranty because they stand behind their products. You never have to worry when you purchase because you’re getting a durable chair backed by an excellent warranty.


Although it holds 400 pounds, the seat is fairly small compared to the other office chairs we looked at. It’s slightly less than 20 inches wide, but it’s only 15.5 inches deep, which does extend to 17.75 inches, but is still shorter than the others.

In Summary

The Steelcase Series 1 office chair has all of the same features as the more expensive Steelcase Leap but at about half the price. The Steelcase brand is about the closest you can get to a Herman Miller. It’s really the best of both worlds if budget is a concern.

#6.) Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair (Best Value)

The Nouhaus Ergo3D ergonomic office chair isn’t an exact replicate of any specific Herman Miller chair, but it does have a lot of the same great features at a low cost, making it the best value Herman Miller alternative chair.


Nouhaus’s ElastoMesh covers the backrest and the seat, and it’s designed to be breathable and comfortable to sit in all day. Some mesh office chairs can be rough on the skin, but this is designed with comfort in mind.

Unlike the SIHOO, the headrest is adjustable up and down, as well as angled forward or backward so it can fit whatever position is the most comfortable for you, regardless of your height.

The dynamic lumbar support actually pivots with your movements, so you can feel supported even as you move around in your chair.

The arms adjust in height and depth, so you can pull them closer to your desk if you need to, and it does tilt back up to 135 degrees, more than the SIHOO.

Unlike the other chairs with casters, this chair comes with rollerblade wheels, which are meant to glide with ease over hardwood floors without damage.

It holds a respectable 275 lbs, similar to the WorkPro Quantum 9000, but it sits even higher with its adjustable seat height of 18.5 to 22.4 inches. The seat is almost 20 inches, which is what you’ll find in all of these.

This chair does come with a 3-year warranty, and there is an extended 5-year option, as well.


At just over 16 inches, it has the smallest seat depth of all the chairs here, and that’s not adjustable, either. That is similar to many of the Herman Miller models, though.

The armrests don’t raise high enough for many people. If you’re tall, this could be uncomfortable.

In Summary

The comfortable, breathable mesh, rollerblade wheels, and strong warranty make the Ergo3D a great Herman Miller alternative.

It lacks a seat depth adjustment, which you can find in the very similar Ergohuman chair, but the Ergo3D is also half the cost of the Ergohuman chair.

#7.) Bowery Office Chair (Best Sayl Alternative)

If you like the look of the Herman Miller Sayl, you won’t find a closer match in looks than the Bowery ergonomic office chair.


Both have weight capacities of 350 pounds, which makes them great for people of all sizes. You can also adjust the seat height from 17.5 to 22.5 inches, which is the greatest range of all the chairs on the list.

Like the Sayl, the Bowery can change the seat depth, but it’s wider than the Sayl at 20.5 inches. The fabric seat has a firm cushion, which some people prefer to thicker padding.

The soft rubber backrest is woven together to allow for air ventilation. The backrest comes in a variety of color options, so you can blend in or go bold.

You can tilt back and lock the tilt at four different angles, and you can adjust the height of the armrests, but you can’t adjust the width or depth.

This office chair is under $400 and comes with a 2-year warranty.


Even though you can adjust the seat depth, the rest of this chair isn’t as adjustable as the others here.

The built-in lumbar support does not adjust, so it can be uncomfortable if it hits you in the wrong spot.

In Summary

If you love the look of the Sayl but can’t afford the price, the Bowery Office Chair is the best Herman Miller Sayl alternative out there. It’s not ideal for shorter people, but it’s a good option for big and tall users.

Final Results

If you want similar quality to Herman Miller with the same great warranty, Steelcase is equally as reputable, and the Steelcase Series 1 chair is the most affordable option with all those same features as the Steelcase Leap but at half the cost. This makes it the best overall Herman Miller alternative chair.

If you want to keep the budget low without sacrificing quality, the best value is the Nouhaus Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair. It’s not an exact match for looks, but it’s got so many features that you see in Herman Miller chairs.

The WorkPro Quantum 9000 is a great Herman Miller Aeron knock off.

The SIDIZ T50 is the best Herman Miller Embody alternative and the closest option to that unique chair.

The SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair is the closest Mirra 2 match that still includes adjustable features.

HON Ignition 2.0 is a great chair for the money and the best Versus alternative.

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Are Herman Miller Chairs Worth the Money?

We looked at some great Herman Miller alternatives, but maybe you’re still wondering if it’s worth buying the real deal.

What Makes Herman Miller Chairs So Great?

Quality Materials: They use sustainable materials that hold up well to heavy use and pressure.

8Z Pellicle Mesh: Their unique breathable and comfortable mesh backing moves with you and won’t lose elasticity over time, making them some of the best mesh office chairs on the market.

Customizable: You can choose the level of control you want by modifying your office chair to your own needs, including the armrests, adjustable lumbar support, and seat depth.

Unique Style: They have so many sleek designs, you are sure to find your style in one of their chairs.

Warranty: That great 12-year warranty means you can buy once and never worry again, knowing you have a chair that’s built for a lifetime.

Why is the Herman Miller Aeron so great?

Excited about the Herman Miller Aeron

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is the most classic and iconic of the Herman Miller brand. It was designed to accommodate all sizes of people, and it has a simple, yet elegant design that would fit into almost any office space – home or otherwise.

It comes in three sizes (called A, B, and C), so regardless of your weight, height, or shape, you can customize each size to perfectly fit your body type.

Why Are Herman Miller Aeron Chairs So Expensive?

Adding up the cost of the Herman Miller Aeron

The things that make these ergonomic chairs so great are the same things that make them so expensive. They use long-lasting, sustainable, and durable materials so your chair won’t break down over time.

The Aeron can withstand years of constant use and still function the same as day one. It’s also expensive because you can customize the chair to fit your exact need.

Is It the Best Office Chair?

Relaxing in a chair

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is one of the most popular office chairs, but the best one really depends on you. Although it’s designed with everyone in mind, that doesn’t mean everyone will love it. Each person has their own style, but it is certainly one of the best office chairs on the market.


What Is the Cheapest Herman Miller Chair?

Herman Miller chairs vary in price based on which optional features you select. But at its most basic model, the Keyn chair without wheels is the cheapest Herman Miller office chair. The Lino is the cheapest Herman Miller chair with wheels.

What are the Best Herman Miller Alternatives?

The best Herman Miller alternatives have more than just a similar look to this iconic brand. They should also be ergonomic, durable, adjustable, and focus heavily on providing good lumbar support and all-day comfort.

herman miller alternative chairs

Closing Thoughts

If you like the Herman Miller office chairs, but you don’t like paying that much money, you can still get what you want. There are some cheap Herman Miller knockoffs out there, but there are also good quality Herman Miller alternatives that don’t skimp on the look, fit, or comfort.

If you’re in a place where you want a premium chair and have the money to invest, you can’t really go wrong with any Herman Miller office chair, but any of these mesh chairs would do.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Herman Miller Alternative

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