Dual Monitors: The Best Double Monitor Computer Desk in 2023

Since so many people work from home now, it’s becoming more popular to have a dual monitor setup. One screen just isn’t enough to do all we need to get done in a day. Whether that’s looking at spreadsheets or taking a Zoom call while working on another task, the ability to accommodate multiple monitors is extremely beneficial.

Or maybe you just want the monitors for the ultimate gaming experience. It doesn’t matter why you need to hold multiple monitors; it just matters that they have a place to live. Not all desks are capable of holding dual monitors.

Whether you’re a gamer, a worker, or both, it’s important to find the right computer desk for your dual monitor setup. The size of your monitors will play an important factor in determining the right double monitor computer desk for you, as will the size of your space.

We’ll look at some of the best computer desks for dual monitors, including L-shaped, standard, and even standing desks. We’ll explore standing desks separately since they’re not necessarily for everyone.

The Best Double Monitor Computer Desks

#1: Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Desk (Best Value)

What It Has

With so many incredible reviews, this is one of the most popular desks on Amazon. And for the price, it’s hard to beat. It’s a very simple design, but it’s perfect for dual monitors. See the full review here.

Because it fits into a corner, it doesn’t take up much space in your home. If you like L-shaped gaming desks, this would also make a great gaming desk.

Without drawers or shelves to get in the way, there is plenty of legroom. It even has a bar across the bottom of each side, so you can rest your feet on it when you want to take a little break.

It can hold 100 pounds total, which should be plenty since the average monitor weight is around 10-15 pounds. The feet can be adjusted in height so you can level your desk on uneven surfaces.

Each side is nearly 51 inches long. It’s 29.5 inches high and only 18.2 inches deep. For some, that won’t be enough space. But it also won’t take up as much room in your office. It does come with a small monitor shelf, which is 7.4 inches high, 7.9 inches deep, and 18.9 inches wide.

The top of the desk is made of MDF board, and it’s supported by a sturdy metal frame. It comes in 3 different colors, including black, vintage wood, or a white marble top with a gold frame.

Mr. Ironstone offers a 3-year warranty to go along with 24/7 after-sales support. This is a nice touch on an already great deal.

Where It Lacks

It’s not very deep, so it could leave you feeling cramped if you need room for your keyboard, mouse, and monitors.

The monitor shelf doesn’t feel sturdy, and it might be better utilized for office supplies or a small laptop, rather than a large monitor.

#2: Walker Edison Ellis L-Shaped Glass Desk (Best Budget)

What It Has

At under $100, this Walker Edison Ellis L-shaped computer desk is a great budget option. If you like glass-top desks, you’ll love the look of this one. It comes with either a black metal frame or a silver metal frame and would also make a nice gaming computer desk.

It supports up to 100 pounds total, but only 50 pounds per side, so make sure you distribute the weight evenly. The middle corner piece can hold 20 pounds, and the keyboard tray can hold 10.

Like the Mr. Ironstone desk, it is also 29 inches high and 51 inches wide on each side. It has about 2 inches more depth, though, so you have even more space to spread out. You can also slightly adjust the feet if you have an uneven floor.

It also comes with a keyboard tray, so you don’t have to use up the desktop space for a keyboard. The keyboard tray is pretty wide, too, at 21 inches by almost a foot deep. It does sit 3 inches high, so you lose a little bit of legroom.

There is a 1-year warranty on this desk, which isn’t as good as Mr. Ironstone’s 3-year warranty, but it’s still pretty good considering the price of this desk.

Where It Lacks

The keyboard tray gets in the way of your legroom since you can’t raise the height of the desk. You can choose not to install this piece if that’s a problem for you.

The middle of the desk has legs that protrude out, so you really can’t sit and work at the corner section. Unlike the Mr. Ironstone desk, where you have plenty of room to slide back and forth, the metal bars on this desk make it hard to move from side to side.

#3) Bestier Modern L-Shaped Desk (Best 2 Person Desk)

What It Has

The beauty of this desk is that it can be set up as an L-shaped desk or a long desk, easily capable of fitting 2 people. For under $200, you get variety in your setup, and it’s nice to know you can change it to your needs. The black metal frame comes in Light Oak, Grey, Brown, Rustic Brown, Black, or White.

This will hold up to 210 pounds total (that’s 70 pounds per board since there are 3 particle boards that make up the desk), and this includes the monitor shelf that is capable of supporting 30 pounds. This has a greater weight capacity than all the other desks featured here, meaning you don’t have to worry about the sturdiness and durability of this desk.

At 23.6 inches, this is also deeper than the first 3 desks we looked at, so you get more space to work, which could make all the difference if you have multiple monitors and a keyboard.

It’s the same height as the others, a very standard 29 inches, but the panels extend even wider. If you’re using it as an L-shaped desk, each side is just over 59 inches wide, but if you’re using it as one long desk, it will extend slightly beyond 92 inches. That’s a lot of work space!

The monitor stand is 3 inches high, nearly 10 inches deep, and a little over 15.5 inches wide. That’s not enough to support a larger monitor, but it could hold a laptop or other office supplies. There’s just enough room underneath to slide a few papers, your phone, or some frequently used items. The nice thing about the monitor stand is that it doesn’t come attached to the desk. So you can move it around wherever it works best.

A great feature about this desk that separates it from the ones we just looked at is the grommet holes. Each board has 3 plastic covers that you can use to run your cabling through. Whether used as an L-shaped desk or a long desk, the holes will be distributed evenly, with 2 at each end and 1 in the middle.

There is an option to buy this desk with or without a USB socket. For $10 more, you can upgrade so that the grommet in the middle would have one standard 3-prong outlet and 2 USB ports, so you can easily plug in your laptop or charge a phone.

Bestier does offer free returns for 30 days after receiving the item. You have to return it in its original packaging, and you need to pay return shipping if it’s not due to a manufacturing problem.

Where It Lacks

The drawback of using this as a 2-person desk is that the metal legs don’t fall directly in the middle. So while one person would have nearly 5 feet of desk space, the other person would have to fit into 3 feet of space since the metal bar would cut into their legroom.

Many people found assembly very difficult. Plan to spend some time putting this thing together. If the instructions are confusing, check out the video below.

#4) Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk (Best Executive)

What It Has

This is the most expensive non-standing desk option on the list, but it’s also the only one that has the executive look and lots of storage. So if you’re not into the minimal design of these other desks and want that extra storage, this might be the one for you.

This engineered wood desk will hold up to 200 pounds, and you can choose from Espresso Oak, Harvest Cherry, or White Oak if you want to keep things light and bright. It also comes with a 1-year warranty in case anything breaks down over time.

This desk has the highest leg clearance since it sits slightly higher than 30 inches. The 29.5-inch height from the bottom of the desktop to the floor is the most room you’ll find from this list (excluding the standing desks, for obvious reasons).

It’s plenty spacious with over 22 inches of depth, and each side is 59.5 inches long, which is most similar to the Bestier dual monitor computer desk.

In addition to 2 open shelves on each side, there is also a standard drawer for supplies and a built-in file drawer, capable of holding both letter or legal sizes of paper. You can hide your CPU tower behind the fluted glass door, or just use it for additional storage if you don’t have a tower.

There is a cable management port to hide your cables, and it also comes with a 4-port USB hub. This is great for charging phones, laptops, tablets, earbuds, and any other accessories that always seem to need a charge.

Where It Lacks

While the storage drawers are nice features, this does cut into your legroom, so you’re forced to work in the center of the desk to maximize the space.

The USB hub is a nice feature, but it only supports USB 2.0, so it won’t charge as quickly as a USB 3.0. It also can’t seem to manage 4 things at a time, so having 4 ports seems a bit useless.

#5) CubiCubi 55″ Desk (Most Modern)

What It Has

This computer desk is simple, modern, and one of the most popular desks on Amazon. This 55-inch dual monitor desk is well below $200 and has thousands of great reviews. Check out our full review here.

It is 30 inches high, which is similar to the other desks here. It also has a lot of space the other way, at 24 inches deep. It holds 175 pounds, which is more than the Mr. Ironstone and Walker Edison desks.

The melamine-faced desktop comes in multiple colors, and they all have the same steel frame. Although there are a variety of colors, they aren’t all available in the 55-inch size.

There is a bonus storage bag, and this can be attached to either side of the desk. It will hold up to 15 pounds, so it’s great for papers and extra supplies that take up valuable space on your worktop.

It also has an iron hook, which is perfect for hanging a pair of headphones, a purse, or your work bag.

CubiCubi offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with this popular desk, you can return it.

Where It Lacks

The metal bar in the back is very thick, so if you plan to attach multiple monitors using a monitor arm, you may have trouble getting it to hold.

If you type fast, you’re going to notice some wobble to the desk.

#6) Homall 55″ Gaming Desk (Best Gaming Desk)

What It Has

If you’re looking for gaming desks, you’ll want to check this one out. Although the dual monitor desk design is great for gamers, it’s still perfectly functional for getting business done, too.

This is the deepest standard desk we’ll look at today. It has a slightly curved design, so you can sit a little closer in the middle, and the edges wing out around you. The desk is 24.8 inches deep, which is still more room than the others.

It does sit 29.6 inches from the ground and spans 55 inches wide. That’s more than enough room for dual monitors, with or without a monitor arm. The black laminate surface has a nice red accent stripe along the edges, and it matches the all-black metal frame.

There are 2 cable management holes – 1 on the left, and 1 on the right. This is perfect for cable management so you can run your keyboard, mouse, and monitor wires through.

It also comes with a headphone hook and a cup holder that attach to the edge of the desk. If you need to pause for a drink, don’t worry about it spilling all over your expensive equipment.

This gaming desk does have adjustable feet, so you can keep the surface level, which is important when you have dual monitors.

Where It Lacks

There is a metal bar that runs underneath the desktop which is about 1 inch thick. That extra inch could be a problem if you have a chair with armrests that need to fit under the desk.

Like some of the other desks here, the assembly can be a pain. The good news is, Homall offers pretty good customer service, so if there’s an issue, definitely reach out to them so they can make it right.

The Best Dual Monitor Standing Desk

If you want a dual monitor standing desk that allows you to stand or sit, fear not. There are some great options out there, and we’ll take a look at a few of the best dual monitor standing desks.

#1) Vari Electric Standing Desk (Best Value)


The Vari electric standing desk is one of the most popular standing desks on the market. It holds 200 pounds and has the greatest adjustment heights of both the ApexDesk and Flexispot standing desk.

From 25.5 inches at its lowest to 50.5 inches at its highest, this standing desk will accommodate most sizes, including people up to 6’7. It’s 30 inches deep and 60 inches long, which is more space than the Flexispot.

There are 4 height settings to choose from with an LED display for easy viewing. The lift mechanism is fast and super quiet, so you won’t bother anyone else who may be in the room.

The top is made of laminated wood, and it has a solid, sturdy steel base. With the black steel frame, you can choose from either black, butcher block, reclaimed wood, or dark wood tops. There is also a white top option that has a silver frame.

You have 30 days to return this item for free if you find it doesn’t work for you. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, which is important when you have mechanical components.


Although it’s a great value, it’s still pricey, and it’s obvious up close that the top is made of cheap laminate.

There is a slight wobble when you raise it high, so just make sure your monitors are secured when you do adjust it. There is plenty of room to attach a monitor arm.

#2) ApexDesk Elite Series 71 Electric Standing Desk (Most Room)


This doesn’t adjust as high as the Vari dual monitor desk, but it does offer more desktop space. It’s 71 inches long and 33 inches at its deepest. Check out the full review here.

There is a curved design to this desk, similar to the Mr. Ironstone gaming desk. In the center, it’s 27.6 inches deep. This makes it nice for standing closer to your monitor and keyboard without sacrificing worktop space.

It does support more weight than the Vari at 235 pounds, which makes sense since it’s larger. It doesn’t adjust as high, going from 27.8 inches to 47.4 inches. That’s about an inch less than the budget Flexispot dual monitor desk, but this has 4 programmable height settings. It also raises faster than the Flexispot at 1.5 inches per second, so it can adjust fully in under 15 seconds.

The engineered wood top comes in a variety of colors. With the black frame, you get either a bamboo, black, walnut, or red apple top. With the white frame, you get a white, grey, or light oak top.

There is a cable management tray, which used to be an additional cost, that they now offer for free with the desk. It’s 35.5 inches long by 5.5 inches, so it can easily hold a power cord, along with all of your wires.

There is a 2-year warranty on moving parts, motor, and control box. A 5-year warranty covers all other parts, so it’s not quite as good as Vari’s warranty.


Like the Vari, the top is obviously cheaper laminate.

Assembly is very difficult and will require 2 people.

#3) Flexispot EC1 Electric Standing Desk (Best Budget)


An electric standing desk is nice, but it can also be expensive. And if budget is a concern for you, this one is less than half the price of the Vari and ApexDesk.

This standing desk holds 132 pounds and features a laminated particle wood top with a metal base. If you want a black frame, you’ll get a matching black top. For the white frame option, you can choose from black, mahogany, maple, or white.

The height adjustment is very similar to the ApexDesk standing desk, ranging from 28.6 inches at its lowest to 48.2 inches at its highest, so it can even work well for people over 6 feet tall.

You adjust the height with 2 buttons – 1 for up, 1 for down. It does move fairly quickly at 1 inch per second, so you can take it from low to high in 20 seconds. The noise of the mechanism is only slightly louder than a refrigerator hum.

The desk is 28 inches deep and 55 inches wide, so there is plenty of room for dual monitors. There is enough room to mount a monitor arm to the back if you want to secure your monitors while the standing desk moves.

There is a 5-year warranty that’s available for purchase, which would be an extra cost, but worth considering since electrical components could break down over time.


It does wobble when it’s fully extended and doesn’t feel as sturdy as the more expensive Vari and ApexDesk desks.

The instructions for assembly are unclear and difficult. You should plan to have help when assembling.

Final Verdict

Standing Desks

If you want the best standing desk for dual monitors, choose the Vari Electric Standing Desk. This accommodates so many different heights, adjusts quietly and quickly, and comes with a great warranty.

The ApexDesk Elite Series 71 Electric Height Standing Desk is close behind if you want more space, but it doesn’t raise as high.

Regular Desks

The best value computer desk for dual monitors is the Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Desk. It has plenty of legroom and width, and it also makes a great gaming desk. The drawback is the shallow depth, but its low price makes it hard to beat.

If you like gaming desks, the Homall 55″ Gaming Desk has extra depth and curved edges.

The Bestier Modern L-shaped desk is the most versatile, converting from an L-shaped desk to a 2-person desk, making it a great computer desk for dual monitors.

Pick the Bush Furniture Cabot L-shaped computer desk if you like the executive style and extra storage.

For budget options, try the Walker Edison Ellis L-shaped glass desk or the standard CubiCubi 55″ Desk.

Multiple Monitor Gaming Desk


#1) How Do I Arrange Dual Monitors on My Desk?

You’ll want to keep dual monitors level and side by side on your desk. You can angle them depending on how large they are if you need to see both at once. Dual monitor arm mounts clip to your desk to securely hold them in place.

#2) What Size Desk Do I Need for 2 Monitors?

The size of the computer desk depends on the size of your dual monitors. But if you want extra workspace, anything over 55” wide and 24” would make great dual monitor desks. 47” for small monitors can work, but you’ll be limited on space.

Desk for Two Monitors

How to Choose a Dual Monitor Computer Desk

Struggling to Choose the Best Double Monitor Computer Desk


The width is really dependent upon the size of your dual monitors. Any desk with a width over 47 inches is a good starting point, and it will only go up from there depending on how wide your monitors are.

If you’re mounting multiple monitors, you’ll want enough depth for a keyboard and room to work. 24 inches should be plenty of room, but you can get by with less if you don’t have large monitors.

Space at a Desk

Build Quality

You’ll want a desk that can easily support your multiple monitor setup. A good desk should hold at least 100 pounds without wobbling. A thick metal frame should be able to hold two or more monitors without a problem.

Build Quality for Best Double Monitor Computer Desk


How much you’re willing to spend on dual monitor desks is always a huge determining factor. You can still get a good quality computer desk if you’re on a budget. A cheap desk may not hold up well over time, but even $100 should get you something long-lasting that can hold two or more monitors.

Paying with Debit Card

Room for Monitor Arms

If you are going to mount dual monitors, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough room to clamp the mount to the desk. If it’s too thick, it might not hold. Sometimes there are metal bars that run under the back, making it hard for the mount to get a good grip.

Mount for Double Monitor Computer Desk

Standing Desk vs. Sitting Desk

Whether you like an L-shaped desk, a gaming desk, or a standing desk, you can still find the perfect computer desk for you.

Some people prefer standing desks because it allows you to move around and get your blood circulating. When we sit for too long, it causes stiffness, bad posture, and poor circulation.

Electric height standing desks can lower, allowing you to sit when you need a break, then raise with the push of a button when you want to stretch out your body and work while standing.

If you really don’t like to work while standing, that kind of desk might not be worth the investment for you. But you should still consider getting up and moving around every hour or so.

Standing Desk

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