AmazonBasics Leather Desk Chair No Wheels: Comfort & Value

If you’re looking for a desk chair without wheels, there are many good options out there. But some come with a hefty price tag, and others just feel cheap and flimsy.

The AmazonBasics classic leather office chair is a beautifully designed leather chair that would look nice in any space. It’s also a great value, coming in under $100. But with that price tag, what features will you actually get?

We’ll take a look at the best features this chair has to offer, as well as the complaints others may have. So you can decided for yourself if this is the chair for you.

Check out the table of contents below to skip ahead to a key feature. Otherwise, we’ll dive in to find out what makes this chair worth a look.

Affordable and Stylish without Sacrificing Comfort

This AmazonBasics classic leather office chair comes in well under $100, making it an affordable office chair. But just because it doesn’t cost a lot doesn’t mean it’s not a great chair. It has a simple, stylish all black design that would really fit any type of workspace. Its padded cushions make it comfortable to sit in all day long.

You can find comfortable chairs at a high price, and you can find uncomfortable chairs at a low price. But this chair is a pleasant compromise that mixes both affordability and comfort into one chair.

Other Great Features

Lightweight but Sturdy

Weighing only 29 pounds, this chair is not too heavy to lift or move around the room. It’s not the lightest chair, but it’s not so heavy you need a hand moving it. And that extra weight helps it feel sturdy and solid. The durable metal frame will hold up to 250 pounds.

It also comes with Amazon’s 1 year limited warranty.

Beautiful Design

The design of this chair is rather simple, but with the bonded leather, it looks great. The leather covers the back, the seat, and the armrests, making it very comfortable for all day sitting. The padded backrest provides extra lumbar support.

Designed for All Sizes

Although the chair only holds up to 250 pounds, it’s wide enough to accommodate many shapes and sizes. The wide seat is 20 inches, so you won’t need to squeeze into it. The chair itself sits 19 inches from the ground, which is pretty average for most people and desk heights.

What’s in the Box

The chair will come disassembled in a flat box, weighing just under 30 pounds. It comes in six pieces you’ll need to assemble. They are the seat, the backrest, 2 sets of metal legs, and 2 bars for the bottom seat support.

Also included are 8 bolts and washers and an Allen wrench, so you shouldn’t need any additional tools to assemble this.

What Others Have to Say

The complaints for this chair have to do with the assembly. Many people found the assembly to be quite simple and straightforward, but those who received defective bolts struggled to put it together.

Overall, once assembled, people found this chair to be quite comfortable. For the price, it’s a great value if you need an office chair without wheels.

Do You Really Need Wheels?

The short answer is no. You don’t need wheels to have a comfortable office chair. If you don’t have a large workspace, anyway, everything should be within reach without the need to wheel your chair around the room. The most important thing is the ergonomics of the chair and how much support it offers.

With or without wheels, you’ll likely be sitting in this chair for hours at a time, so it needs to support your back and be comfortable. It can be easier to maintain good posture with a chair without wheels, because it forces you to stay in one position for longer.

If you do want wheels, you can find some other great office chairs under $100 here.


Overall, this AmazonBasics classic leather office chair is a great value if you want an office chair without wheels. At under $100, you still get style, comfort, and cushioned back support. If you can get past the assembly, you will have yourself a solid chair that will fit any office space.

If leather is too hot for you and you want a nice mesh chair without wheels, try the AmazonBasics mesh mid-back chair.

If you don’t need armrests, and you want even more of a bargain, try the Flash Furniture fabric chair.

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