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Whether we’re ready for it or not, the world is changing, and so is the way we work. Gone are the days of sitting down at a cubicle surrounded by other people clicking away at their keyboards and answering phone calls. So many people now work out of their homes, even if only part-time.

These changes to our world have created an opportunity to work differently. The problem we’re faced with is how to make our home offices a place of comfort and productivity.

I’ve personally worked in large offices in the past, and I always found them to be cold and sterile. Although they were designed with productivity in mind, I wished there were a way to make it feel a bit more inviting.

While home offices have the opportunity to be warmer and more inviting, they may not be set up in the most ergonomic way.

These are the problems I aim to help you overcome. I now spend most of my days working out of my own home office. Because of this, I’ve spent countless hours researching products and setting up my office so I can be productive as possible, while still maintaining an inviting home space.

Although a lot of focus is put onto ergonomic chairs, and rightfully so, I think the environment in which you work is just as important. With a love of design, I research and review the most important products you will need to meet your needs. From desks and chairs to lighting and audio, I want you to find the best products to transform your space.

You may be working with a large room or just a small nook. You may work all day or only part-time. No matter your situation, what you will find here are the tools you need to help you take your good ideas and transform them into great businesses.

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